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Our new 9000 watt Amada Fiber laser expands our capabilities here at M-C Fabrication.  Nitrogen cutting is now available to provide a ready-weld surface.  Now we can cut a much broader range of materials and thicknesses. All in addition to new etching capabilities.  Give us a call with any questions about this amazing new machine.

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Welding and Assembly

With a multitude of welding and assembly processes we can take on jobs, large and small.  Our 30 Ton capacity facility offers Mig and Tig welding, that includes various grades of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. 


With the Capability of cutting up to 4" solid round bar a 3-1/2" solid square bar.  We can drastically cut down on  saw production time, all while holding a very tight tolerance.

Custom Metal Sawing

With five automated bandsaws we can cut and miter material with up to a 3' in diameter. This paired with a capability of cutting stock up to 40' long, we can handle almost any saw project.

Press Break, Forming and Rolling

Two Amada Press Breaks, allow us to shape metal up to 14' long and over 1" thick in some applications. CNC back gauging assures precise repeatability throughout production runs.

Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

This machine can handle plate sizes up to 8'x14' and cleanly cut through 1" plate.

Both machines are equipped with a rotating head allowing us to bevel parts and cut tube and pipe.

Precision Laser Cutting

Two Precise and Specialized lasers allows us to keep very tight tolerances on every single part. With two interchangeable tables we are able to keep the machine running to keep your production cost low.

CNC Machining and Iron Working

Our machine shop is a great complement to the production of any project. We have a total of six CNC vertical mills and horizontal lathes, working alongside one shear and two Iron workers.

Painting, Plating and Galvanizing

We can wet paint and prime projects large and small. We also provide the option to galvanize, power coat, and zinc plate hot roll steel, stainless and aluminum.

Programming and Custom Design

Our programming department helps run your product through the shop smoothly and efficiently. Also offering Design help when needed.



Starting as a Millwright and Conveyor Fabricator in the 1976, M-C Fabrication continues to specialize in heavy components and assemblies, ranging from 20ga sheet metal to 3” plate.  Located just on the southwest side of Kansas City, M-C Fabrication is one of the premier sources for metal fabrication in the Midwest and throughout United States. M-C Fabrication is a fully integrated fabricator with over 95,000 square feet of production area on 7 acres.  Now with over 42 years of business to our credit, M-C Fabrication has the equipment and know-how to tackle your largest Jobs. M-C Fabrication has built equipment, large weldments and small components that are in use around the globe. 


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